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Our Menu

Daily Features

Only available Monday- Friday 11-2.

Check our Facebook page to see our daily featured pasta, sammy, wrap & salad!

Monday's Slice: Pepperoni


2 slices of pepperoni pizza served with 2 breadsticks, and a soda!

Wednesday's Slice: Big Daddy Deluxe


2 slices of our deluxe pizza served with 2 breadsticks, and a soda!

Friday's Slice: Chicken Bacon Ranch

2 slices of chicken bacon ranch pizza served with 2 breadsticks, and a soda!

Daily Featured Sammy


Changes daily, check Facebook for today's featured sammy!

Daily Featured Wrap


Changes daily, check facebook for todays featured wrap

Tuesday's Slice: Sausage


2 slices of sausage pizza served with 2 breadsticks, and a soda!

Thursday's Slice: Sausage & Pepperoni


2 slices of sausage & pepperoni pizza served with 2 breadsticks, and a soda!

Daily Featured Pasta


Changes daily, check Facebook for today's featured pasta!

Comes with 2 garlic bread!

Daily Featured Salad


Changes daily, check Facebook for today's featured salad!

The Starting Line Up

Garlic & Parmesan Breadsticks

Made fresh. Available with marinara, pizza sauce or Cheddar cheese sauce.

Six 3.99 | Twelve 6.99

Add bacon or pepperoni for only 3.00

Fried Mozzarella Planks


Lightly breaded with garlic & basil-served with marinara sauce 

Garlic Bread

Four Pieces 2.99 | Eight Pieces 4.99

Crazy Wings

Garlic, Buffalo or BBQ

3/4 Pound 7.99 | 1 & 1/2 Pound 10.99

Chicken Tenders


With fries

Mad City Meatballs


Our soon-to-be world-famous blend of Italian sausage, ground beef, green & red peppers, mushrooms, & Romano cheese. Covered in pink vodka sauce. Get four meatballs.

Beer Battered Cheese Curds


Deep fried, beer battered Wisconsin cheddar curds!

Tex Mex smothered Tots


We smother a pound of crispy tots in beer cheese sauce, beef taco meat, onions, jalapenos, black olives, cheddar Jack, and a side of salse & sour cream.

Cheesy Garlic & Parmesan Breadsticks

Made fresh. Available with marinara, pizza sauce or Cheddar cheese sauce.

Six 5.99 | Twelve 9.99

Add bacon or pepperoni for only 3.00

Artichoke Spinach Dip


With chips

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Four Pieces 4.99 | Eight Pieces 6.99

Breaded Zucchini Sticks


Try with beer cheese sauce or marinara.

Basket of Fries


Make it garlic & parm fries for 5.99

Garlic Pizza Fries

Hand-tossed crust topped with garlic butter, Wisconsin mozzarella & Parmesan cheese baked golden & cut into strips. Served with pizza sauce. 

10" 7.99 | 14" 10.99

Beer Cheese & Bacon Smothered Tots


A pound of crispy fried tots smothered in goodness!

Salads & Soup

Only fresh ingredients in our Garden Fresh Salads!

Add roasted chicken breast to any salad for 2.00

"Build Your Own" Fresh Salad


Choose your toppings & have our staff assemble for you, includes one choice of meat.

Caesar Salad


Fresh romaine lettuce, sliced ripe olives, garlic croutons, & aged Parmesan.

Grandma's Off the Waldorf


Fresh sliced apple, celery, & carrots coated in lemon juice & mixed with fresh
Romaine, dried cranberries, crunchy cashews & an off-the-charts sweet
homemade dressing.

Chef Salad


 A bed of fresh greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, ham, turkey, Cheddar Jack, diced eggs, & garlic croutons.

Tossed Garden Salad


Fresh iceberg & Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, & Roma tomatoes


Served with fresh garlic bread.

Add shrimp to any entrée for 5.00. Add a tossed side salad for 2.50.

Spaghetti & Marinara


Add a Mad City Meatball for 1.50 each

Mama's Favorite


Alfredo with mushrooms, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes & artichoke hearts.

Add roasted chicken breast for 2.00

Fettuccine Alfredo


Add roasted chicken or bacon for 2.00

Baked Mostaccioli


Fresh tossed pasta in marinara sauce, smothered with mozzarella cheese & baked.

Add a Mad City Meatball for 1.50 each

Cheese Ravioli


Add a Mad City Meatball for 1.50 each

Macy's Roni & Cheese


Al dente pasta in a creamy Cheddar cheese sauce, topped with garlic bread crumbs & baked. Yum!

Add roasted chicken or bacon for 2.00


We take our fresh pizza dough, stuff it with crazy goodness, brush it with garlic butter & sprinkle it with grated Parmesan. Golden-baked to perfection! (Calzones are made fresh to order so please allow extra time).

Any of our Calzones are available as veggie-only!

The Great One


Packed full of slow-roasted shaved prime rib, applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, & Cheddar cheese. This is a Heisman Trophy-winning combination! 

Big Daddy Deluxe


Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, & black olives with pizza sauce & mozzarella.

Philly Steak & Cheese


A pile of slow-roasted Italian prime beef, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms & green peppers topped with mozzarella cheese. Au jus served on the side.

Little Italy


Mad City Meatballs, pepperoni, Italian Sausage & honey-smoked pit ham combined with caramelized onions, sautéed peppers & mushrooms, & topped with fresh mozzarella & Parmesan cheese.

Taste of Naples


Roasted chicken breast strips, applewood smoked bacon, creamy white sauce, garlic sautéed mushrooms, & fresh bruschetta are wrapped up & baked to perfection.

Build Your Own Calzone


Select from your choice of meat & vegetables located on the Build your Own Pizza section. Starts with pizza sauce & mozzarella cheese.  Marinara sauce, Alfredo sauce or beer cheese sauce can be subbed.  Includes sauce, cheese, & three ingredients. 

Additional toppings 1.00/each (up to four).


We wrap up all sorts of fresh goodness in a tasty tortilla wrap, paired with kettle chips & pickle slices. Swap chips with fries for only $1. All chicken & bacon is served hot! 

Any of our Wraps are available as veggie only!

The Club Wrap


Honey smoked pit ham, turkey breast, applewood smoked bacon, provolone cheese, lettuce, Roma tomatoes & red onions, drizzled with creamy mayo & Italian vinaigrette.



Apple wood smoked bacon, fresh iceberg lettuce, Roma tomatoes & creamy mayo.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap


Spicy Buffalo chicken, drizzle of bleu cheese, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, fresh cucumbers & creamy ranch

Chicken & Ranch


Chicken breast strips, ranch dressing, lettuce, Roma tomatoes & sliced ripe olives with Parmesan cheese.

Add bacon for 2.00

Honey BBQ Chicken Wrap


BBQ chicken breast strips, shredded lettuce, cucumbers, shredded carrots, red onions, shredded Cheddar Jack & a drizzle of honey.

Mediterranean Turkey Wrap


Roasted turkey breast, shredded lettuce, Roma tomatoes, black olives, basil pesto mayo, & shredded Parmesan.


All of our Sammys are served hot on a fresh baked roll. Served with warm kettle chips & pickle slices. Swap chips with fries for only $1. (lettuce, tomato, onion served on the side for most selections)

Chicken Cordon Bleu


Roasted chicken breast & honey-smoked pit ham with aged Swiss cheese.

Kyler's Honey Ham


Honey-smoked pit ham & provolone cheese baked to perfection.

Italian Prime Beef


A pile of shaved, slow-roasted Italian prime rib with a side of au jus.

Add mozzarella cheese or mild giardiniera for 1.00

Make it Philly style by adding sauteed peppers, onion, mushrooms & mozzarella for only 2.00

Ground Sirloin Burger


Served Medium.  If you desire it another way, please request in the notes.  We will not serve Rare.

Grilled Ham & Cheese


Meatball Marinara


Our Mad City Meatballs are served piping hot in zesty marinara & dusted with aged Parmesan cheese.

Add mozzarella for 1.00

Sugar Ray's Favorite


Honey-smoked pit ham & pepperoni, are topped with provolone & mozzarella cheese, before being drizzled with sweet BBQ sauce.

Tiffany's Turkey Club


Slow roasted shaved turkey breast, apple wood smoked bacon, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, & mayo.

Try it with pesto mayo

Grilled Chicken Breast



Get our made from scratch pizzas in any of these styles:

Hand-Tossed - Medium thickness with a chewy bite. Available in 7" kids, 10", 14" & 18"

Thin & Crispy - Available in 14" only

Sicilian Pan Style - Proofed & baked in a pan with an oily bottom crust & thicker body. Only available in 14" + 2.50

Fresh Toppings
Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Ham, Ground Beef, Chicken, Bacon, Mad City Meatballs, Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Black Olives, Green Olives, Broccoli, Spinach, Pineapple, Jalapeño Peppers, Pepperoncinis, Artichoke Hearts, & Caramelized Onions

Cami's Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust Cheese Pizza


For our friends with gluten intolerance, we offer a 12” gluten-free cauliflower crust. We take extra care by using new gloves & a separate pan before cutting with a clean knife.

Add 1.25 per topping

Medium 14" Cheese Pizza


Each topping 1.50


Italian sausage & fresh mushrooms. Just the way Grandpa ordered his favorite pie for over 50 years.

Small 10.99 | Medium 14.99 | Jumbo 18.99

Philly Steak & Cheese

Prime beef, onions, mushrooms, green peppers with creamy white sauce & whole milk Wisconsin mozzarella.

Small 13.99 | Medium 17.99 | Jumbo 22.99

Queen Margherita

Like the first pie ever made for the Queen herself, with pesto sauce, fresh mozzarella & fresh bruschetta mix.

Small 12.99 | Medium 15.99 | Jumbo 19.99


Fall in love with this classic. We add the mayo, shredded lettuce & diced Roma tomatoes after it’s baked to perfection.

Small 14.99 | Medium 17.99 | Jumbo 21.99

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Featuring a white sauce base, Cheddar Jack cheese, garlic chicken breast pieces, and smokey bacon, baked golden brown and drizzled with creamy ranch.

Small 14.99 | Medium 17.99 | Jumbo 20.99

Alfredo's Chicken

Creamy Alfredo sauce, chicken, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, Roma tomatoes & apple wood smoked bacon.

Small 13.99 | Medium 17.99 | Jumbo 22.99

Butcher's Block

For all you meat lovers! Italian sausage, pepperoni, honey-smoked ham, apple wood smoked bacon & ground beef.

Small 16.99 | Medium 20.99 | Jumbo 24.99

Small 10" Cheese Pizza


Each topping 1.00

Jumbo 18" Cheese Pizza


Each topping + 2.00

Big Daddy's

Our Deluxe! Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, & black olives help make this a house favorite.

Small 15.99 | Medium 19.99 | Large 23.99

Maui Wowie

Honey-smoked pit ham, pineapple chunks, caramelized onions with zesty pizza & BBQ sauce. This is a classic you are sure to love!

Small 11.99 | Medium 14.99 | Jumbo 18.99

Drew's Veggie Lovers

Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, broccoli, black olives, artichoke hearts, tomatoes & fresh mozzarella.

Small 12.99 | Medium 15.99 | Jumbo 19.99

Senor Taco

Comes with seasoned beef or chicken, layered with taco sauce, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, black olives & crushed Doritos.

Add sour cream & salsa to the finished product upon request. Ole!

Small 13.99 | Medium 17.99 | Jumbo 22.99

Frank The Tank


Our 14” Sicilian crust is topped with garlic butter & whole milk Wisconsin mozzarella. Served with a side of Cheddar cheese, marinara or pizza sauce. Just like Frank - it truly is one of a kind!

Add toppings for 1.50 each

Tay Tay's Mac & Cheese

Al dente cavatappi with a creamy Cheddar sauce baked on a delicious crust.

Small 9.99 | Medium 20.99 | Jumbo 24.99

Old School

Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, Mad City Meatballs & mushrooms are topped with fresh mozzarella.

Small 16.99 | Medium 20.99 | Jumbo 24.99

Kid's Menu

Pasta served with a piece of garlic bread. Fresh veggies available upon request for all meals.

Mini Pizza


A personal pizza with your choice of sausage, pepperoni, or cheese.

Mac & Cheese or Specialty 5.99

Jeremiah's Grilled Cheese


With fries.

Javon's Pasta


Get your choice of buttered noodles, spaghetti & marinara, or mac & cheese - served with garlic bread

Chicken Tenders


With fries.


Kallysa's Cinna Stix

Breadsticks brushed with butter & coated with cinnamon & sugar, then drizzled with icing.

Six 4.99 | Twelve 7.99

Fruit Pizza

Choose from apple, cherry or half & half.

10" 7.99 | 14" 10.99

Bucky's Famous Cheesecake by the Slice


Ask server for today’s featured flavors.

Carry Out Beverages

20 Ounce Soda


2 Liter Bottle Soda



Bucky's shirts, sweatshirts, & more!

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2020 National Champs T-shirt


Short sleeve, poly-performance t-shirt.

2020 National Champs Long sleeve


Soft, Fasion-fit, long sleeve t-shirt.

2020 National Champs Basic Long Sleeve


Basic, boxy long sleeve t-shirt.

2020 National Champs Hoodie


Pullover hooded sweatshirt.

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.